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Alwyndor COVID-19 Update -15 May 2022

COVID update and visitor information

2021 Influenza Vaccination Update

To comply with Commonwealth Government requirements, all people visiting Alwyndor must have a current flu vaccination.
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A new flu vaccination is required each year, and now that the 2021 influenza vaccination is available, all visitors are required to have received the 2021 vaccination by 1 June 2021.

When arriving at Alwyndor, please have your proof of vaccination card with you to show our customer service team.

The Aged Care Emergency Directives require everyone visiting Alwyndor to have an up-to-date flu vaccination, however exclusions apply in the following circumstances:

(a) to a person who has a medical contraindication to the influenza vaccine (such as a person who has a history of anaphylaxis, or has had Guillain-Barré Syndrome, following

(c) to a person referred to in clause 4(g) [end of life care] who is not able to access the influenza vaccine before their visit to the RACF and who takes all reasonable steps to access the influenza vaccine as soon as practicable after their initial visit g vaccination, or who is taking checkpoint inhibitor medication for cancer treatment)

(b) to a person to whom the vaccination against influenza is not reasonably available [not anticipated to be the case]

(d) to a child aged 6 months or less.

We will commence our influenza vaccination, in partnership with GPs, for Alwyndor residents from 14 April.

The Alwyndor team is awaiting confirmation from SA Health on a timeframe for COVID-19 vaccinations for Alwyndor residents. More information will be available once details are confirmed by SA Health.

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