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Thursday 23 November - COVID Update

Alwyndor COVID Update

In our garden with Justin Hancock

Caring and nurturing a winter garden

It is winter again, a very busy time in the historic Alwyndor garden. When you are next at Alwyndor you will notice that we have been busy pruning and collecting leaves which are still falling from autumn. We are also caring for our precious delicate plants.

Once the leaves have dropped or almost dropped it is time to start pruning them back. You will see this in our front garden as you walk around on your next visit. Don’t worry though as we work with the individual plant needs and by spring you will see new shoots and vigorous new growth with masses of flowers.

Every single plant in the garden has its own set of rules when it comes to caring for it.

So knowing your plants will help when pruning, watering, fertilizing and with general care.

My favourite plant for winter is Gomphena Glabosa, commonly known as Globe Aramanth. A delicate plant that gives much needed cheer and colour in the winter months. This beautiful plant has fine foliage with a bright pink to magenta flower ball or globe shape. It is great for garden edges or rockeries and, surprisingly, it needs little to no care as it is pest and disease-free. Such a little beauty, which be seen in our front garden on Dunrobin Road.

Happy gardening!

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