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Wednesday 27 September 2023 Gastro and COVID cases

Alwyndor COVID Update

In our gardens with Justin

Read the latest about what's happening in our beautiful gardens

It’s been a busy autumn, because most of our plants across our 5 acres of gardens need to be pruned at this time of year, and the mulching continues around the property.

I have an exciting new project happening between the main hedges out in the front garden. The soil is being prepared for a dahlia bed. Dahlias are wonderful flowering plants, with jewel-coloured flower heads towering above the beds.

The beds will be planted with a selection of the taller species, and in the nursery, I'm raising the shorter species. The Adelaide Botanic Garden has a wonderful dahlia garden which is worth visiting to see them in full bloom. And just imagine what our garden will look like in autumn next year.

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