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New Therapy and Wellness activities

New classes have been added to the timetable!
Alwyndor barre

Balance and Core @ the Barre is a gentle fun way of improving core strength and balance. It supports a reduction in falls by improving stability and posture. Classes are held every Tuesday 10am – 11am. Bookings are required.

Coming soon is a new class called Mindfulness Meditation which will help to slow the mind, let go of concerns and find a place of calm and peace.
The class will be held on Wednesdays, 1.30pm – 2.30pm.

Bookings required.

Alwyndor’s Therapy and Wellness program is offered to over 65s, or to people living with a chronic medical condition or disability. Classes are run by our therapists and allied health assistants in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Other activities include gym circuits, fit ball drumming, yoga, chair-based exercise, and men’s and women’s groups.

For more information on classes, eligibility, and pricing, contact our Customer Care team on 8177 3200

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