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Thursday 23 November - COVID Update

Alwyndor COVID Update

The restoration of Alwyndor’s historic Sunken Garden

A place to sit and reflect
Sunken garden

In the 1950s and ’60s, Stephen Cheater established the Alwyndor Gardens including the Sunken Garden on the western side of the property near Patricia Street.

Gardening Coordinator, Justin has led the restoration of the garden which had become a little run-down and overgrown, making it a peaceful and calming place for people to sit and enjoy.

Taking inspiration from Japanese gardens, a gravel raking method was used and the garden was replanted with a selection of plants mainly from Japan. A rock mound with creeks of water flowing down to the main pond was also built which considered the traditional Japanese meanings:

  • Akua – water
  • Anna – love (can also mean graceful, peaceful, or quiet)
  • Kurīku - creek or a narrow area of water that flows into the land’

The Sunken Garden is still a work in progress with Justin planning to build a Torii gate and reinstate the old wishing well from the original garden.

The garden is a peaceful place to sit still and take in the beauty of the world’s natural elements, just as Stephen Cheater planned.

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