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Update to Alwyndor’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 22 April 2020

Last updated: 22 April 2020

As you are aware, Alwyndor is currently taking measures to ensure that the health and safety of all of our customers remains our priority. Our protocols continue to be proactive and are reviewed daily in response to changing local and national recommendations.

Our priorities remain:

- protecting our residents, customers and workforce by minimising the spread of the virus through our community as much as possible.

- ensuring we are fully prepared if any member of our community tests positive to the virus, so we can contain the virus, care for those infected and action the appropriate isolation requirements.

Further to recommendations from the Federal Government the following measures are now implemented:

Visitors to Alwyndor

Flu Vaccinations
As set down recently by the Federal Government, any person entering an aged care service i.e. staff, visitors, health practitioners, volunteers, cleaners, tradespeople, gardeners, contractors and maintenance staff are required to have their flu vaccinations by 1 May 2020. The most recent Emergency Management Legislations (10 April 2020) also requires and provide appropriate evidence of this prior to entering an aged care service. Please provide your receipt or evidence that you have had your flu vac to the reception staff and should you require an Alwyndor ‘Proof of Vax’ card please just let the staff know. You will need these cards for continuous entry to Alwyndor from 1 May 2020.

Ongoing visit restrictions
I would like to assure you that our approach to managing Alwyndor is always in the collective best interests of our clients and we aim for this to be both well considered and balanced, we include the following factors in our decision making:

  • we have received direct requests from some of our residents to implement restrictions due to the serious risks to their health if infected
  • our analysis of the proportion of residents at risk of fatality due to cardiac and/or respiratory comorbidities indicates that 66 residents (46%) of Alwyndor residents are in the high risk category and the average age or our residents indicates that 1 in 5 residents, if infected, would not survive
  • COVID-19 is more contagious and more difficult to treat and eradicate than the seasonal flu and even H1N1 (swine flu)
  • a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 would mean the implementation of significantly more stringent measures of a full lock down, including residents remaining in their rooms without access to the current tailored lifestyle programs which we have developed to ensure the very best access and socialisation we can at this time.

A key factor in our decision making has been the local infection rate where the communities of Marion and Mitcham have been identified as COVID-19 hot-spots with confirmed cases some 400%+ above that of other impacted areas.

We heard the statements made by PM Scott Morrison and the Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy earlier today and their concerns about isolation of aged care residents. We share concerns for resident well being and whilst we are not allowing open visits we understand the concerns of many of families. It can be distressing to be away from our loved ones for a prolonged period of time. As such:

We are continuing our popular Skype sessions and have been fully booked out each week. 15 minute sessions are available:

  • Wednesday - Friday from 10.00 to 11.30am, and 1.30 to 3.00pm
  • Saturday 1.00 to 3.30pm.

We are now pleased to also to provide residents and their loved ones with a 15 minute Window Visit during the week. These will be available:

  • Monday: 9.00am – 12.00pm
  • Wednesday: 1.00 – 4.00pm
  • Friday: 9.00am – 12.00pm

Please contact 8177 3200 or to book your time.

Next steps
Consistent with our commitment to continuously review restrictions and noting the current situation, i.e. South Australia is doing well in managing the spread of the virus, please note that our current position is that we should see a further easing of visitor restrictions in the near future and will update again as soon as a decision is made.

The hairdresser remains closed except for residents only.

The Café continues to operate at this time for staff and residents only.

Home Support
All Home Support Services remain in place and all Alwyndor staff have had, or are in the process of having, their vaccinations. This includes our Home Support Staff who will be provided an Alwyndor “Proof of Vaccination’ card for them to carry with them when they visit their clients.

As previously advised, if you have opted to have your services put on hold, we will stay in contact with you twice weekly to ensure your wellbeing and to check if you need anything at all. If you are still receiving our home care services have any additional needs or concerns or if your supplies are running low, please reach out to us. We are here to assist you.

Therapy Services
Therapy Services are still available for one on one services, this includes physiotherapy, podiatry and occupational therapy. Please let us know your needs through our Customer Care team.

Activity and Exercise classes 
Our Home Exercise Packs and Activity Packs have proved to be very popular and are still available for our Therapy and Home Support Clients. Prolonged isolation can be quite discouraging so it is a perfect time to keep active with one of our Exercise packs so that when classes do start again you have maintained your level of fitness and as well as keeping our mind busy with our Activity Packs. Please contact via your coordinator or through the Customer Care team so that we can send one out to you. 

Yours sincerely

Beth Davidson-Park
General Manager



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