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Alwyndor COVID-19 Update - 11 August 2022

COVID update and visitor information

We are excited to introduce a new check-in system called Zipline

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We are excited to introduce a new check-in system called Zipline, used for registering your information when you visit Alwyndor.

This new check-in system is now in use for all visitors, contractors, and clients and there will be Customer Care staff on hand to assist with checking in.

Because of this, it is important you bring your proof of vaccinations* (COVID & 2022 Influenza) to register through Zipline, even if you have done so before. Once you have registered, the Zipline system will remember your details for the next time you visit.

*Please note an Alwyndor proof of vaccination card will serve as sufficient evidence of vaccinations

Why are we introducing a new system?

The Zipline system is an efficient way to ensure Alwyndor is compliant with government regulations, helping us to remain a safe place for our residents, staff and community as a whole.

What will this look like?

When you arrive at Alwyndor, follow these simple steps on the Zipline device which will be located inside the main entrance.

  1. Stand in front of the Zipline check-in device.
  2. Follow the instructions on-screen and position yourself to automatically have your temperature recorded.
  3. Follow the prompts and type in your phone number and your name.
  4. Collect the visitor sticker printed by the Zipline machine.
  5. When leaving, simply check out on the same device by having your temperature recorded again and pressing ‘check-out’

Pre-registration and bookings

There are two ways to sign-in using the Zipline system:

  1. You can also pre-book your visit and provide us with copies of your COVID and flu vaccinations at
  2. You can simply sign-in when you visit, using the Zipline

We are grateful for your assistance as we move to the new check-in system. And we thank you for your ongoing cooperation to ensure Alwyndor is a safe and welcoming community.

As always please feel free to contact Customer Care on 8177 3200 or email

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