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15 May 2024 - COVID Update

Alwyndor COVID Update

In our garden with Justin

Autumn is a super busy time for our team of gardeners as they prune, mulch, and prepare soil ready for spring planting across the five acres that make up our gardens.
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In the back garden, the area near the outdoor gym has been replanted.

The trees that were initially planted were not doing so well, as the garden beds became waterlogged due to the clay soil. The garden beds have had gravel added to improve drainage, and the young trees have been moved to the nursery to be cared for and are recovering well. They’ll be ready soon to be planted out again.

The area near the outdoor gym is now an arid garden featuring cacti and succulents - many of which have been kindly donated by Alwyndor staff Leah Jane, Matt Neumann, and Peter Forrest.

Still to be added are a couple of larger cacti and a baobab tree. Please come and visit and enjoy this new garden.

Happy gardening, Justin Hancock

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