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Do you live in your own home but are finding some of your normal day to day tasks more difficult for you to do?... Perhaps a little 'Alwyndor' help might be what you need.

You may be thinking that the things you used to be able to do easily have become harder to do than they once were. Things like doing your weekly grocery shopping, preparing your favourite meals or even looking after yourself with your regular shower and personal care routine. You may have a green thumb in the garden but are finding it difficult to keep up with trimming the shrubs and trees. Or even, going out to see your GP or Specialist or catching up with family and friends outside of your home is becoming harder and harder.  

This is where Alwyndor can provide you the Home Support you need to make your life easier while remaining independent within your own home. We provide support and assistance to enable you to enjoy living your life whilst in your own home, enabling you to remain independent and continue to stay connected with your local community. 

Alwyndor Home Support services can provide you with a range of in-home services based on what you need. This includes domestic assistance where someone will help you clean your bathroom, kitchen and/or home; assist you with your showering and other personal care; provide you with respite services if you need a rest or you are caring for another family member and they may need some more help than you can provide for a short period of time.

We all enjoy catching up with friends for a coffee and a chat and with Alwyndor’s Home Support we can provide you with transport assistance to get you there and home again. Or it may just be that you require some equipment to help you get around your home more easily and safely.

Alwyndor also has Healthy Living services which provide a number of Allied Health Services - if you need a physiotherapist we are only a phone call away. We also provide exercise groups and many wellbeing activities which can be available on-site at Alwyndor or in your home to help you maintain your strength and ongoing independence.

How do you access these Home Support Services?

To enable you to continue living in your home as independently as you can, the Commonwealth Government provides funding for individuals for home support services. We offer a range of Home Support Packages designed to suit any level of care that you need.

The current Home Support Packages available from Alwyndor include:
  • Home Care Packages (HCP)
  • Transitional Care Package (TCP)
  • Private Services (non-government funded services)
Alwyndor is an approved Home Support Provider under these Commonwealth Government funded programs and can assist you in a manner that enhances and respects your independence, dignity and privacy while being mindful and supportive of your family and community connections.
Our Home Support Packages are designed to assist you in: 
  •     Maintaining or regaining your maximum achievable independence
  •     Recognising your wish to remain at home
  •     Engaging in family and community life
  •     Optimising your wellbeing
Why choose Alwyndor? 
At Alwyndor we are a smaller, personalised organisation who takes great pride in offering you exemplary Home Support Services. We work in collaboration with you, and your family if you so wish, to develop you a lifestyle plan that supports you in achieving your independence goals. We are a one-stop-shop where we also have extensive on-site Allied Health Services that operate from our Residential Care facility.   

As a local community organisation we provide a genuine quality and highly professional service that is individually designed specifically to meet your needs.

We do this by:
  • Continuity - ensuring the services we are engaged to provide you at an arranged date/time continue regardless of staff circumstances. Our people are highly qualified and able to assist you with all your support needs.
  • Choices - ensuring your choices are respected and the services are the best that we can provide, designed around your needs to live independently in your own home.
  • Communication - ensuring the whole process is open and transparent and keeping you and your family informed every step of the way.

It may be that you’re finding it difficult to navigate the My Aged Care System. Our Home Support team are more than happy to visit you (more than once if necessary) to explain the process. You are under no obligation and you don’t have to sign up for a package beforehand. Let us help you work out your options based on your needs and explain the benefits of the most appropriate services. 

At Alwyndor, we care about you and treat you with dignity and empathy. We will meet with you and your family initially and assist you through all aspects of the Home Support Programs. We listen to you and your family and respond to any requests, concerns or issues quickly.

Our ability to follow through and support you from a low level to the higher packages as your needs change, enables us to develop long-term, supportive relationships with you and your family.


Pricing Schedule 

Home Care and Support Services Pricing Schedule - 1 July 2020  



Comments or Complaints

Alwyndor supports the right of clients, carers, staff, other agencies and individuals to submit feedback without retribution.

People or services contacts:

Alwyndor Home Support 8177 3200

My Aged Care 1800 200 422

Department of Health - Complaints 1800 290 637

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner 1800 550 552  

National Aged Rights Advocacy Service 8232 5377                 

Multicultural Advocacy and Liaison Service of South Australia 8207 0751

"As a family, we really appreciate and rely on Alwyndor's services to help our Mum. The care, domestic and gardening staff are all caring, respectful and very helpful. Our coordinator Deb is fantastic- approachable, supportive, flexible, responsive and helpful. We are at a point in Mums care where we particularly need flexible rostering and Alwyndor is really helping to meet our needs with that and staff are willing and ready to help. We are most grateful for Alwyndor's assistance."

Clients Family, Home Support, December 2017

Home Support Packages

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Home Care Packages Level 1 - 4

Home Care Packages (HCP) Level 1-4 packages can provide a variety of services to help you maintain your independence at home.

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Private Services

Alwyndor offers a range of private services to everyone on a fee for service basis.

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Transitional Care Package (TCP)

Transitional Care packages are short-term care packages for up to 12 weeks, available if you are leaving hospital and have a need for restorative care.

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