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When establishing the gardens, the wisteria planted by Steven Cheater is now well known throughout the local area.
Alwyndor Wisteria 4

The Wisteria Suites provide 6 rooms located on the ground floor with garden views and access to internal courtyards.

Wisteria has a kitchenette and a small family dining area for your family functions.

All rooms in Wisteria feature:

How do I apply to move into Alwyndor?

Moving into residential care can be challenging and confusing. At Alwyndor we are committed to helping you navigate this process and making it as streamlined as we can. If you would like more information, please contact our Customer Care Team on 8177 3200. Alternatively you can complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you within two business days to discuss your enquiry with you.

Is Alwyndor accredited?

Yes. All Aged Care organisations must be accredited under the Australia Quality Aged Care Commission standards. This means there are regular audits of all of our services as well as unannounced spot visits from time to time to monitor our ongoing compliance. The audits include conversations with clients and their families. You can view Alwyndor’s most recent site audit reports on the Quality Agency website

Consumer Experience Reports

A Consumer Experience Report for all residential aged care services was introduced in June 2017. These reports are published following audits of aged care homes and can be found together with the audit reports on the Quality Agency website. For more information go to the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency website

What is an ACAT Assessment?

We need an assessment of the services you require before we can offer any funded services to you. This assessment is undertaken by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). The assessment will also determine the funding you are eligible for. For more information on how to get an ACAT Assessment please contact our Customer Care Team on 8177 3200 or call the My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422 or visit

Can I put my name on your wait list?

Once you have an approval for residential aged care through the Aged Care Assessment Team, you can fill out an application form to go on the Alwyndor residential wait list. You can contact our Customer Care Team on 8177 3200 to request a form to be sent to you.

Do you have couples accommodation?

We have two rooms that we can offer as accommodation for couples. To see if we can accommodate you, please contact our Customer Care Team on 8177 3200.

Can I go on holiday?

Yes. You can have up to 52 days of social leave per financial year and this is included in your contract.

What kind of personal care can I expect to receive?

A personalised care plan is created with each individual to ensure the care received is based on each person’s clinical needs as well as personal preferences and social needs. Care plans are regularly reviewed with each resident and their family or friends.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, visitors are always welcome.

Due to COVID-19 there are some current restrictions which we can discuss with you.

Can I have a telephone or the internet connected?

Yes, a telephone and the internet can be connected in your room. We will discuss the service plans that we offer with you.

Can I bring my pet to live with me?

Unfortunately pets are not permitted to come to Alwyndor on a permanent basis. However they can certainly come to visit.

Alwyndor currently has regular visits from various pets in the community and their volunteer owners.

What can I bring into my new home?

It’s your new home and we welcome you to bring your personal belongings including ornaments, paintings, photos, quilts, blankets etc. Furniture items can also be brought but may need some discussions in terms of space and safety issues within your room.

What are the costs of accommodation?

For detailed information you or your family or friends can call the My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422 or visit

All residents pay a daily fee. Any additional charges are calculated on the personal assets. Please find our accommodation pricing calculator here

Current rates of fees, charges and thresholds are listed on the Schedule of Resident Fees and Charges which is available on the Department of Health's website at aged-care-funding

Residents are responsible for the cost of their pharmacy needs as well as items such as newspaper delivery, hairdresser, dry cleaning, wifi, labelling of clothing etc.

What activities are available for me?

We have a diverse range of lifestyle activities which residents can choose to participate in as well as our gym and therapy classes. Everyone is encouraged to join in social activities. For more information see our Lifestyle Programs at Alwyndor or contact our Customer Care Team on 8177 3200.

What if I only need care for a short amount of time?

We are happy to talk with you about respite care for a short period of time, and we have rooms dedicated for this purpose. For more information on respite care at Alwyndor please see our respite page or contact our Customer Care Team on 8177 3200.

What if I have a compliment, complaint or suggestion?

We invite feedback from all members of the Alwyndor community and their family and friends. We have a feedback form which you can use to easily submit your compliment, complaint or suggestion or we are always available for conversations.

If you would like to provide us with feedback, complete our feedback form or contact our Customer Care Team on 8177 3200.


Alwyndor 37


20.2 m2 (excl. en-suite)
RAD of $610,000.00

*For more details on room costs and payment options refer to Accommodation Pricing

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