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Accommodation Pricing

Let us guide you through the various accommodation pricing options, and if you’re still a bit confused, let our staff guide you through it.
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Accommodation Fee Options

In addition to care fees you may also be required to pay an accommodation payment. The accommodation payment refers to the price of the room that you choose and will vary across different aged care facilities. The amount that you are required to pay is based upon an individual’s assets and income and is determined by the Department of Human Services through completing a 'Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment' form. You may be required to pay all or contribute to the cost of your accommodation. This form is not compulsory to complete, but for those who choose not to you will be required to pay the full room price.

To allow for flexibility there are three ways in which you can choose to pay for your accommodation.

Daily Accommodation Payment

Option 1

$0.00 per day
for a Standard Room

Instead of paying for your accommodation as a lump sum you can choose to pay a daily fee. The amount you pay is based on a daily rate; as agreed with your service provider in line with the current MPIR (maximum permissible interest rate).

Refundable Accommodation Deposit

Option 2

for a Standard Room

This option is a lump sum accommodation payment. The balance of the deposit is refunded when you leave the aged care facility less any amounts you have agreed to have deducted.

Combination Payment

Option 3

Use this helpful tool to calculate your desired combination payment by entering a lump sum amount.

Refundable Accommodation Deposit
lump sum
Daily Accommodation Payment
per day

Part Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) and part Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP); with the part RAD being refunded when you leave the aged care facility. You may choose to drawdown funds from your RAD to cover the DAP. If you choose the drawdown option the DAP will continue to increase as the value of your RAD decreases.

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