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29 May 2024 - COVID Update

Alwyndor COVID Update


Alwyndor's physiotherapists work with you to address musculoskeletal issues and help you develop strength and balance.
physio assessment

Our physiotherapists are highly skilled in assessment, education, and diagnosis. They use modern techniques and evidenced-based care during treatment to prevent various health conditions and movement disorders. They can assist you with injury recovery, reducing pain and stiffness, improving balance and maintaining mobility, regaining function and enhancing your quality of life. Common reasons that people seek support from physiotherapists include:

  • Active ageing
  • Cardiorespiratory
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurology
  • Orthopaedic
  • Pain
  • Sports

We also offer a regular massage clinic for carers and for people with chronic conditions, pain, stress or disturbed sleep.

At Alwyndor, we also have therapy assistants who work alongside physiotherapists to deliver a range of engaging wellbeing groups.

Therapy & Wellness services at home

As an alternative to accessing therapy and wellness services at Alwyndor’s facility in Hove, our therapists can also provide these services for you in your home.

Visit Mobile Health Services to find out more.

Who is eligible for Therapy and Wellness services?

Therapy and Wellness Services funded through the Department of Health are for people who are over 65, no longer working and who have registered with My Aged Care.

Private services are available to anyone.

What type of referral do I need for Therapy and Wellness services?

We accept referrals from My Aged Care for funded services through the Department of Health. We accept GPs, medical specialists, other allied health professionals, carers and self referrals for private services.

For more information, please contact our Customer Care team on 8177 3200.

Do I need to make a booking for therapy or group wellness sessions?

Yes, bookings are required. If you require an urgent appointment, please contact our Customer Care Team on 8177 3200 and we can do our best to fit you in at the earliest time available.

How much does a class/session cost?

Fees will vary depending on whether you are a private client or receive government subsidies.

For information regarding our fees for Therapy and Wellness services or a group, please contact our Customer Care team at 8177 3200.

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