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Wednesday 27 September 2023 Gastro and COVID cases

Alwyndor COVID Update

Speech Pathology

Alwyndor's speech pathologists assess and treat people experiencing communication and swallowing difficulties.
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Our speech pathologists work with a variety of people who may have communication difficulties as a result of stroke, brain injury, learning disability, intellectual disability, dementia and hearing loss.

One of Alwyndor’s therapy programs is the Talkback Group, which provides a safe environment for conversation practice for those who have experienced speaking difficulties as a result of stroke.

Speech pathologists also work with individuals who experience problems with swallowing food and drinking safely. They develop therapy plans to maintain nutrition and hydration that is tailored to an individual's needs.

Therapy and Wellness services at home

As an alternative to accessing therapy and wellness services at Alwyndor’s facility in Hove, our therapists can also provide these services for you in your own home.

Who is eligible for Therapy and Wellness services?

Therapy and Wellness Services funded through the Department of Health are for people who are over 65, no longer working and who have registered with My Aged Care.

Private services are available to anyone.

What type of referral do I need for Therapy and Wellness services?

We accept referrals from My Aged Care for funded services through the Department of Health. We accept GPs, medical specialists, other allied health professionals, carers and self referrals for private services.

For more information, please contact our Customer Care team on 8177 3200.

How much does a class/session cost?

Fees will vary depending on whether you are a private client or receive government subsidies.

please see the Therapy and Wellness pricing schedule March 20 2023

For information regarding our fees for Therapy and Wellness services or a group, please contact our Customer Care team at 8177 3200.

What if I have a compliment, complaint or suggestion?

We invite feedback from all members of the Alwyndor community and their family and friends. We have a feedback form which you can use to easily submit your compliment, complaint or suggestion or we are always available for conversations.

If you would like to provide us with feedback, complete our feedback form or contact our Customer Care Team on 8177 3200.

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