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15 July 2024 - Covid and Gastro Update

Alwyndor Covid and Gastro Update

Active Thursdays

Join us every Thursday for a range of activities at Holdfast Bay Community Centre
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10.30am Active Minds

Explore individual interests and build social connections with rewarding and flexible activities that support and maintain cognitive, physical, and social skills. This 90-minute class is held every Thursday at the Holdfast Bay Community Centre in the Zen Room.

1pm - Dance Fusion

A light cardio exercise class combining dance styles with fun, upbeat music. Improve your coordination and maintain balance, strength, flexibility, and cardio. One-hour class every Thursday at the Holdfast Bay Community Centre.

1pm and 2.15pm - Zen Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy provides relief from pain and increased ease of hand movement through therapeutic treatments located in the Zen Room.

3pm - Gym Circuit

This group includes gym equipment, circuit-style exercises, and balance stations. The Gym Circuit program adds in free weights and timed station sessions.

12pm M.E.N’s Lunch

Every 4 weeks, venues vary

Free to attend, food and refreshments at your own cost.

Holdfast Bay Community Centre

51 King George Ave, Hove SA 5048

Get involved. Help make a difference.